Cove Early Learning Centres

About Us

Cove Early Learning Centres offer a richly stimulating, innovative and caring environment which fosters a child's natural curiosity and thirst for knowledge. We believe “learning can happen anywhere, anytime”.

The environment and program draws from the very best early childhood teaching theories and practices from around the world with emphasis on the Early Years Learning Framework. It offers a purposeful experience that establishes in each child a love of learning and a strong sense of self.  Reflective planning allows the opportunity for both intentional teaching and spontaneous play ensuring that children are successful, competent and capable learners who have a clear understanding and connection to their sense of self, the community and the world around them.

At Cove Early Learning Centres we provide learning opportunities that build upon each child's strengths while challenging them to explore their potential. Children are encouraged to ask questions as they build an understanding of the world, and their place in it, while learning to live and play happily and purposefully with others.

We care for your child

We act as an extension of home and provide an environment where children feel loved, accepted and secure, as well as being a place where children are encouraged to achieve their best socially, emotionally and academically. We have a moral and social obligation to the children, their families and the greater community to provide the children with a core foundation that will support them through life to become active members of the community. 

Cove Early Learning Centres foster strong home / school partnerships, creating a smooth and caring transition from home to preschool. Parent participation is encouraged and educators work in partnership with parents in optimising the learning of each child.

We place great value on developing strong links between home and school. At all times we strive hard to develop partnerships based on mutual understandings, mutual respect and continual dialogue promoting shared learning and collaboration.

We strive for excellence

We view the child’s time spent at our preschool as an apprenticeship in humanity where differences are embraced and acceptance of others is always encouraged as the best choice. Offering support to challenge and succeed within our 5 developmental outcomes, critical reflection and careful planning will allow each child’s interests to be responded to and scaffolds their learning. We represent an educational vehicle, engrossing the children in projects and a learning system which allows them to question, examine and enjoy the challenge of the experiences before them.

It is our belief that when our children, educators and families of Cove ELC intertwine, it creates the unmistakable essence that is uniquely recognised as that of Cove Early Learning Centre. This is provided when we create a nourishing, creative, supportive, challenging, loving, warm, caring and secure learning environment where children, families and educators feel they belong in a safe environment, feel respected, feel valued and feel as though they are respected as individuals.

When children, educators and families come together in a nourishing, creative, supportive, challenging, loving, warm, caring and secure learning environment the best outcomes for all are achieved.