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Frequently Asked Questions

How to Enrol Your Children

To enrol at either Blue Cove Early Learning Centre or Flinders Cove Early Learning Centre you will need to fully complete an enrolment form and send back to the Centre Director. The Director will also give you a Direct Debit Form for you to complete for the payment of fees, this is our preferred payment option.

You will need to provide an relevant information to the centre director e.g. Centrelink info, Immunisation, Medical Info etc etc. All other questions can be answered by the Centre Director in relation to start dates and availability.

Payment of Fees

Payment may be made by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), Eftpos/Credit Card or direct debit. Accounts will be billed to you weekly/ fortnightly depending on your payment choice.

Direct Debit is the preferred payment option of fees, please speak to the Centre Director directly if you wish to pay by EFT.

Fees are charged for all days your child is booked into the Centre, including Public Holidays, sick days and annual holidays. A make-up day will be offered when possible for children who attend and incur fees due to a public holiday, please read the Make-up Day Policy

Payment of fees must be kept up to date, failure to do so could result in the cancellation of care and the collection of monies owing.

For Familiy Assistance Information, plase contact your local branch.

Child Care Benefits

The Commonwealth Government will assist some families who have children in child care. The necessary forms are available from Centrelink, who will assess your family income and advise you and the centre of your fee subsidy percentage. We use your subsidy percentage to calculate how much of the full fee you will need to pay. Until the centre has notification of your assessment from Centrelink you will be required to pay full fees (the subsidy can be back-dated to when you start provided you apply as early as possible).

The Government also offers a 50% rebate on fees paid for child care expenses, if you are using child care for work, training or study purposes.

All calculations are carried out through the Family Assistance Office, if you have any queries please contact your local branch.

Cancelling Your Child's Enrolment

A minimum of Two (2) weeks written notice is required to cancel your child’s enrolment.

Late Pickup Fee

A late fee of $1.00 per minute will be incurred by any parent collecting their child after 5:30pm.

This fee will have to be paid on the spot to the staff member on duty and will go towards staff wages and the centre running after closing hours.

What Your Children Should Bring

The centre supplies all nappies, all meals and snacks, and in the case of older children, drinks being water and/or milk.

Spare changes of clothing along with any comforters e.g. dummy, ‘ruggy’ or that special comfort toy are also advisable. All items should be packed in a suitable bag e.g. child’s back pack and labeled with your child’s name. Hats are necessary for outdoor play.

Orentation Visits

All parents are encouraged to conduct a minimum of one (1) orientation visit before they leave their child in our care. These visits allow your child to become familiar with the environment they will be in and the staff who will be caring for them. It also allows you to share important information such as, routines about your child. The more comfortable you are in the centre the quicker your child will settle into care.

Dropping Off & Picking Up Your Children

Upon arrival at the centre you must sign your child in and also sign your child out on departure. This is a government regulation. Should someone other than yourself be collecting your child from care please inform us, and, if the person has not been to the centre previously, ask them to carry some form of ID – a drivers licence is perfect. If we have not been informed we will contact you for permission to release your child into the care of another person.

Talk to us or Visit anytime

The centre has an “open door” policy and parents and families are welcome to visit the centre at any time.

Staff are available to discuss your child’s needs at arrival and departure, and, if a more in depth discussion is required a mutually agreed time can be arranged.

We welcome parent’s comments, and feedback. If you are feeling unsure about something, please speak to the staff in your child’s room. If you feel your concerns have not been dealt with in an appropriate way or you still have concerns after speaking with staff please contact the centre Director.

How we manage Behaviour

Guiding your child’s behaviour is a part of the centre’s everyday program. The staff aim to encourage children to interact with other children, adults and the environment in a positive, socially acceptable manner.

To do this staff are constantly monitoring the environment, routines, expectations, the program provided and program they offer children.

Children are encouraged to use the “Protective Behaviours Program” (Stop – I don’t like it), which is an assertive, anti victims training program for children. We also help children to understand consequences for actions, to both positive and negative behaviour.

If a child constantly displays negative or inappropriate behaviour to other children, adults or the environment they will be moved to another activity, away from other children and “work” with an adult until they feel they can rejoin the group in an appropriate way.

Food and Nutrition

Mealtimes are relaxing affairs, allowing for children to be independent, making choices and feeding themselves where appropriate. Staff are encouraged to sit with children, join in conversations and make mealtimes a social event. Infant foods are prepared according to individual needs and space is provided should you wish to breast feed.

We endeavour to meet all children’s dietary requirements, due to health or cultural reasons, but on some occasions may not be able to meet these needs and the parent will be requested to supply their child’s food/drink for the day.

All meals are offered to all children.

The centre will not offer any nut based products. Under the “Food Safety Program” the centre can not accept any foodstuffs supplied by a parents, to be shared by all children.

Dental Care

As it is difficult to use and store children’s toothbrushes at the centre we will encourage dental hygiene throughout the centre by encouraging a no sugar policy in our menu and providing fresh water to drink throughout the day.

Health & Illness

The centre will not accept any child who is unwell. Should a child become unwell at the centre the parent will be contacted to collect the child preferably within the hour.

In the case of any illness the exclusion period as per “Staying Healthy in Child Care” and the Centre Policy, will apply. A doctor’s certificate of fitness may be required before the child re-enters care.

If the child is in need of urgent medical treatment an ambulance will be called and the parents contacted as soon as possible.

As a high temperature can be a sign of illness any child with a temperature over 37.8 will be excluded from the centre.

Administering Medicine

Paracetomol based medications will not be administered to children with a temperature, fever or pain, as this often masks the symptoms of illness.

Prescription medication/ cream will only be administered if the pharmacy label is attached stating name of child, times of administration and amount to be administered.

Over the counter medications/ creams need to be accompanied by a medical form stating child’s name, dosage and times and signed off by the pharmacist or have a pharmacy label attached stating child’s name, dosage and times.

All medications need to be written up and signed off by the parent in the Medication Register.

Handling Accidents

Staff at the centre have had First Aid training. All accidents at the centre are recorded on an incident form, that includes what happened and treatment, which you will be asked to sign when you collect your child.

Should staff feel the injury requires a doctor/dentist treatment you will be contacted to collect your child.

If a serious injury occurs an ambulance will be called and you will be notified as soon as possible.

Sun Safety

We aim to promote an awareness of the dangers of exposure to the sun, use of appropriate skin protection (clothing and sunscreen) and actively encourage a role model life style practices that will offer protection from the sun.

All children, staff and visitors to the centre are encouraged to wear broad brimmed hats when involved in outdoor activities.

Parents are given a hat for their child on enrolment and are asked to ensure their child brings it each day they attend. Please ensure your children are appropriately dressed – no singlet or shoestring strap tops.

During the warmer months of September to April according to the UV rating for the day outdoor play will be scheduled or conducted in the shaded areas of the yard.

Staff will apply SPF 50+ broadspectrum sunscreen supplied by the centre to all children over the age of 12 months, at least 15 minutes before children go into the outdoor area. Infants (under 12 months) will be kept out of direct sunlight and always protected by shade, hats and clothing.

Anything We Missed?

If after visiting the centre and reading through your parent handbook, you have any questions please contact the centre.