Cove Place

Cove Childrens Centres are safe and nurturing environments, that are an extension of home.

We believe learning can happen anywhere and anytime. Our environments are designed to support opportunities to learn through play - all day, everyday.

Our modern furnishings, equipment and resources are well maintained, safe and clean. They also stimulate play-based experiences ready for your child to discover and learn.

Cove Programs

Our early childhood educational programs are for children 6 months to school age. They're designed to help your child grow their sense of curiosity, creativity and culture.

At Cove, we know children are clever, creative problem solvers and capable learners. We develop programs based on interests and abilities to extend their understanding of the world and build a strong foundation for lifelong learning.

All programs are developed in accordance with ACECQA.

Cove People

At Cove we pride ourselves on community, connections and collaboration.

We appreciate that a child's first teachers are their parents/carers. We work in partnership with families to ensure children feel connected between home and our centres. Your child will be able to see themselves represented at Cove Children’s Centres.

As educators we work together as a team to support one another and value our individual strengths and levels of experience. We are passionate, hard working people who love working in early childhood.

Our Team

At Cove Children’s Centres we love...

  • seeing the smiling faces of your children
  • making connections with our families
  • working as a unified team of educators

While our days are full of fun, we also take our job seriously. We’re always working on keeping our skills sharp through training and ongoing professional development.

We've partnered with the University of Wollongong for educator placement, which provides valuable opportunities for our team to engage with professionals and stay up to date.

Our educators work as a team towards common goals and understand the importance of our role in educating, nurturing and caring for children.

In the Cove family we - learn, share, laugh, grow.